Jennifer Lopez Has NOT Returned That $1.8 Million Engagement Ring To Alex Rodriguez!

This is a pretty big eight-figure engagement gift to just be hanging out there amid uncertainty like this!!

According to reports, Jennifer Lopez has not yet given back that $1.8 million engagement ring to now-ex-fiancé Alex Rodriguez after their split was made official on Thursday morning. But wherever it is, things appear to be relatively under control and secure… so maybe that’s a good sign?!

According to TMZ, J.Lo still has the famed diamond ring in her possession right now, even after the breakup has played out and been reported around the world.

That’s sort of a big deal because legally, in most states, engagement rings are considered to be a “gift in contemplation of marriage.” That means that when a couple breaks up before getting to the altar — as is the case here — the man would have legal standing to get the ring back. But so far that hasn’t happened yet for the former baseball star and his ex-fiancée!

Even more interestingly, sources are telling the media outlet that there hasn’t even been any discussion over the fate of the ring so far between the two exes! Really?? Like, we know both of them have made unfathomable sums of money during their careers, but seriously?! It’s an eight-figure diamond engagement ring! That’s kind of a big deal!

Still, insiders claim that the pair exchanged “massive amounts of jewelry” during their relationship, with A-Rod showering the singer with all kinds of necklaces, bracelets, and other bling. In response, J.Lo apparently turned around and “fortified his massive watch collection” for years, as well. So in light of all the jewels — and monetary value — changing hands here, it’s possible the Maid in Manhattan star could just keep the ring and everything else, and they could each get on with their lives.

Must be nice…!

FWIW, the ring is not currently in the Dominican Republic with Lopez, where she’s been shooting a new movie. It’s unclear where the ring is being kept, but TMZ notes it’s somewhere far more secure than on her movie set on the Caribbean island nation. Probably a smart move!

Regardless of whether the ring gets returned, though, there’s a bigger resolution at work here: the outlet reports the exes are “getting along well,” and they “even plan to stay in business together.” Well then! So presumably whatever they decide to do with the ring will come from a mutual agreement. That makes it a little bit easer, doesn’t it?

BTW, in case you needed a visual reference, this is the ring we’re talking about (below):

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Yeah. It’s a monster! LOLz!

What do U think of the ring situation here, Perezcious readers??

Should J.Lo honor custom, tradition, and legal precedent by giving it back?? Or with as much money as both of these two stars have, does it kind of not matter to them, as wild as it may be for us to imagine that?!

Sound OFF with your take on this matter down in the comments (below)…

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