James Martin: ‘Had to do something’ Saturday Morning chef steps in after emotional video

James Martin, 47, stepped in to help an eldery care home resident in Chorley, Lancashire this week, after empty supermarket shelves have left many people struggling to find food.

The TV chef was moved to help the resident after he saw a heartbreaking video in which 92-year-old Lillian begged people to stop stockpiling food.

James said Lillian reminded him of his late grandmother and tracked down her care home to send a food package.

In the original footage, which was posted on the care home’s Facebook page and circulated online, Lilian urged people to “think twice” before clearing the shelves.

She said: “I’m in a care home in Chorley, Lancashire. I beg all you people out there, who are going out and clearing the shelves of everything, to think about us in care homes and these poor people that are on their own and can’t get anybody to help them.

“So please, think twice before you go to clear the shelves. Please take care everybody, and God bless you all.”

Sharing a report from ITV Granada about Lilian on Twitter, James said: “I saw this last week and it reminded me of my late gran so had to do something…”

His next post showed the staff and residents of the Jasmine Court Care home surrounded by fresh fruit, vegetables and other store cupboard essentials.

Alongside the short video message, he wrote: “With the help of some amazing people out there this happened..

“Thank you TRUEfoods @MitchTFNY and @wellocks for helping me do this.”

In the clip the elderly resident thanked the television star for his generous donation.


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She said: “Hello James, this is Lilian here… I would like to thank you for your wonderful donation that you sent to us.

“I’m sure it will be very much appreciated.”

“Thank you James,” the staff and residence chorused in unison.

The care home’s manager shared the thank you video online last night and added: “We are extremely grateful for this kind contribution at this challenging time.”

James said it was a pleasure to help and promised to come and visit the care home in the future.

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