Jameela Jamil Regrets Coming Out as Queer When She Did: ‘That Was Not Well Handled’

Jameela Jamil came out as queer after facing the backlash of joining HBO Max’s vogueing competition series, and she’s now admitting she maybe should have come out at a different time.

“It was just an outburst,” Jameela said during an interview with Variety Live this past weekend. “That was not well handled. I’m just human and I snapped! If I could go back I would have done it at a different time. I don’t know when it’s ever really appropriate, but that was not the best time.”

“I come from a South Asian background, so you just don’t really have a lot of queer idols. There isn’t a lot of conversation around it. There isn’t a lot of acceptance for it within my culture, traditionally. It was just something that I wrestled with the shame of for a long time,” she continued.

“I have never felt like my private life is mine alone, so I’ve been trying to grapple with how to handle that for so long because I don’t like having my love life scrutinized,” Jameela added about being a public figure. “So I kept it quiet for a while to give myself some privacy and then it just burst out of me.”

“Not my favorite moment of the year,” she continued. “We live and we learn … it’s nice to have it off my chest.”

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