J Lo & Ben Affleck Are Shacking Up in This Luxurious Miami Estate

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have more than enough room to spread out in Miami Beach — ’cause J Lo’s rented digs are tantamount to a 21st-century palace … and then some.

We tracked down the waterfront property that J Lo’s hunkered down in this week — and let’s just say there’s A LOT of space.

The place is a 2-story fortress … laid out over 10,000 square feet … with 11 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 3 garages, a private gym, pool, jacuzzi and spa.

Oh, it’s also got its own docking area. Also of note — there’s a guest house on the grounds — so if JL gets sick of BA’s cig sessions, there’s always option B when it comes to bedtime. We doubt that’s gonna be an issue.

No word on how much J Lo’s paying for this or how long she plans to stick around — but it was sold for a fortune last month to jewelry designer Paul Morelli, who snagged it for around $18 mil. Realtor Julian Johnston had the listing.

Anyway, it’s pretty obvious this place is well equipped for more than just a party of two — but for now, that’ll do for Ben and Jen. Don’t make too much of a mess in there!!!

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