Is Demi Lovato Dating Max Ehrich? They’re So Flirty On Instagram

Lovatics may need to start keeping tabs on how many times Demi Lovato throws out flirty comments on social media, because she might be dating someone new. It looks like she’s ready to get serious again with a High School Musical 3 actor named Max Ehrich. Recent developments on Instagram will have you wondering if Demi Lovato is dating Max Ehrich, and TBH, it seems like a yes, because they’re both tossing out hugely flirty vibes.

On Wednesday, March 25, US Weekly reported that Lovato and Ehrich are dating, which People also confirmed. Elite Daily reached out to Lovato’s reps for comment on any relationship between the two, but did not hear back as of publication. The pair has yet to publicly confirm or deny the status of their relationship. However, it seems that the flirty responses from both stars point to the real answer.

On Monday, March 23, Ehrich posted a shirtless photo of himself with the caption, "when u realize u should’ve packed more for your quarantine stay… have a blessed Monday filled with health, happiness, safety, joy, love, & laughter.” In other circumstances, this wouldn’t seem too suspicious. Most likely, it wouldn’t have clued anyone in if Lovato hadn’t replied to the post, writing, "Fine by me."

To make things even more suspect, on Tuesday, March 24, Ehrich uploaded a video of himself singing the song "Yellow" by Coldplay, but this time he captioned the post, "4D" with a rose and a heart. Ehrich might be trying to be somewhat cryptic, but it doesn’t look like it’s working, as fans are already decoding that the message could have likely stood for "for Demi."

Obviously, they’ve been hanging out, because Ehrich even posted a picture of himself with one of Lovato’s pups on Friday, March 27.

Not to mention all of the rather ~romantic~ vibes the actor has been putting out there on his IG, which includes love poem fragments, cutesy song covers, and even a joke about dating during quarantine. The two have also been spotted in public together, in a recent grocery stop at Erewhon Market in Los Angeles on Sunday, March 15.

The real kicker, though, may be Ehrich’s Wednesday, March 11 cover of Mario’s "Let Me Love You," which he captioned "to my <3." Lovato replied with a heart and a wide, teary-eyed emoji, which definitely leads one to think all of Ehrich’s posts are geared toward her. These two are so cute, Lovatics are probably all ready to ship the couple.

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