Hilarie Burton Sews Protective Masks for Local Healthcare Workers During Coronavirus Lockdown

Calling on followers to do their bit to help, the former ‘One Tree Hill’ actress claims to make the decision to put her limited sewing skills to good use after reading about the shortage of supply.

AceShowbiz -Actress Hilarie Burton is using her time in self-isolation to sew protective face masks to donate to local healthcare workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

The former “One Tree Hill” star, who is married to actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, decided to put her limited sewing skills to good use after reading how medical staffmembers across the U.S. have become so desperate for personal protective equipment, which has been in short supply as they continue to treat patients during the global health crisis.

“I just need to put this out there,” she posted on Twitter on Thursday, March 26. “I have been sewing masks for healthcare workers in my community. And then posting instructions for others in my Instagram.”

“I am in tears going through my DMs (direct messages) seeing all the nurses, EMTs (emergency medical technicians), etc BEGGING for masks.”

Calling on followers to do their bit to help, Burton continued, “If you have two hands and a needle? Sew godd**n it! You can use old t-shirts. Quit f**king around making dumb videos or trying to be funny or get attention for yourself.”

“People need you. Step up. That’s my Ted Talk. #protectourhealthworkers”.

Burton, who lives in New York – the epicenter of the U.S. COVID-19 outbreak – has also been responding to fans’ inquiries after learning some hospital officials are currently refusing any non-medical grade masks.

Offering up a little advice, she wrote, “Talk to nurses. Go on Facebook and talk to people you went to school with who work in the medical field. These masks are meant to protect their n95s (respiratory protective device). They can be washed over and over. OR give them to a pharmacist, grocery store worker, EMT etc.”

“offer them to pharmacists, emts, cops, firefighters, grocery store workers, delivery folks,” she added in another tweet. “Any essential workers who you see don’t have access to masks.”

The actress’ efforts have been applauded by her fellow social media users, with many medical workers expressing their gratitude in the comments section.

One such first responder, named Gillian, replied, “As a nurse, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really appreciate everything that you are doing.”

“I have been using the same mask all day and keeping it in a bag. Being able to have a mask over my n95 mask as extra protection. Thank you for using your platform to help us (sic).”

More than 68,000 confirmed cases of infection have been reported across the U.S., where the coronavirus death toll passed 1,000 on Thursday.

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