Hannah Ann Sluss Says She Wants ‘The Opposite’ Of Peter Weber In Her Next Partner

Hannah Ann Sluss is opening up about the kind of guy she’s looking to date after her failed relationship with The Bachelor‘s Peter Weber.

Speaking to Wells Adams and Brandi Cyrus on their Your Favorite Thing podcast, the 23-year-old model actually knows exactly what qualities she wants in a partner.

“Gosh, my type changes after, like, with every guy that I’m interested in,” she shared. “Okay, the next guy I’m looking for—the type, I want him to be very hunky. I want him to be very manly. Very manly. Very, very decisive. Very independent.”

Hannah added that she wanted the “opposite” of what Peter was for her.

“I want him to be, like, very manly and, like no messing around. Just to the point, decisive. And, I want him to be hot, like, super hot and hunky.”

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