Gorilla Glue Plastic Surgeon Says Biz is Booming and Might Get Better

Dr. Michael Obeng — the plastic surgeon who freed Tessica Brown from her head full of Gorilla Glue — is reaping benefits or his good deed … he says patient inquiries are up a hundredfold!!!

The Beverly Hills doctor tells TMZ … since Tessica’s procedure last week — which he did gratis — his office has received around 5,000 calls asking about all sorts of surgeries — although most are unrelated to glue removal.

He says callers inquire about the usual stuff — breast augmentation, butt lifts, vaginoplasty, yada yada. He says one person even wanted oblique muscle removal … something he doesn’t normally do. Point is … demand is sky-high.

There’s more good news for Dr. Obeng too. He explains how he was able to formulate the anti-glue solvent for Tessica on his own with his staff … and he thinks he’s got something special.

He says there’s a potential deal in the works with manufacturing companies to produce his “magical solution” for people like Tessica … who find themselves in a really bad spot with super glue.

If that happens … multiple businesses could be booming for the doctor.

As for Tessica, we broke the story … she’s looking good post-surgery.

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