Felicity Huffman on College Admissions Scandal, I Had to Do It for My Daughter

Felicity Huffman is finally speaking out about the college admissions scandal that landed her in prison, and she kinda sorta is still justifying what she did, in the name of her daughter’s future.

Felicity sat with KABC’s Marc Brown and explained she had hired a highly recommended college counselor coach Rick Singer for a year, trying to secure a spot at the college of her choice.

The actress says after a year, he gave her bad news … she wasn’t up to speed and would not get into any of the colleges. Felicity says Singer “slowly” rolled out a criminal scheme which she ultimately bought.

Felicity ended up paying Singer $15k to bribe a proctor into changing her daughter’s wrong SAT answers. As for why, she says it felt like the only option to give her daughter a future.

At one point she says, “It was sort of like my daughter’s future, which meant I had to break the law.”

Huffman spoke of the FBI raid on her home … “They came into my home, they woke my daughters up at gunpoint – again, nothing new to the Black and brown community – then they put my hands behind my back and handcuffed me.”

She continued, “I asked if I could get dressed. I thought it was a hoax. I literally turned to one of the FBI people in a flak jacket and a gun and I go “is this a joke?”

Huffman served 11 days for the crime.

Her daughter, Sophia, was not aware of her mom’s shenanigans. Sophia is now studying drama at Carnegie Mellon in NYC.

As for Felicity, she’s now working with A New Way of Life, an org helping incarcerated women to re-enter society.

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