Dell And Sonya Curry Sit In Opposite Sections For Steph's Record-Breaking Night

Sonya and Dell Curry‘s relationship is still clearly fractured, ’cause Steph‘s parents sat in completely opposite sections for their son’s record-breaking night Tuesday.

Dell had a seat near the hardwood at Madison Square Garden in NYC for the Warriors star’s big game against the Knicks — while Sonya sat in a different part of the arena several rows back.

The two never appeared to speak to each other, or even look at each other for that matter, despite Steph breaking Ray Allen‘s mark for most 3-pointers in a career early in the evening.

To his credit, Steph was able to find both of his parents following the record-setting shot … handing the game ball to his pops and then going in another direction to share a long embrace with his mom just off the court.

As we previously reported, Sonya filed for divorce from Dell earlier this year … and court docs showed the two did not have a clean breakup at all.

Both parties accused each other of cheating … with Dell saying Sonya began dating a former New England Patriots player while they were still together.

And, if their actions toward each other Tuesday were any indication, it’s obvious things still haven’t been repaired between the two.

As for Steph’s night — it was a special one regardless of his parents’ current relationship … he not only got the big record, but the Warriors secured the win over the Knicks, too.

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