David and Lesley Beador File Restraining Orders Against Each Other After His Reunion With Ex Shannon

Lesley, who shares a 2-year-old daughter with David, claims in her petition that he physically ‘abused’ her, her children and their pets in addition to destroying her property.

AceShowbizDavid Beador and Lesley Beador’s divorce is getting nasty. The estranged couple reportedly have filed restraining orders against each other after he reunited with his first ex-wife, Shannon Beador.

According to court documents obtained by Page Six, Lesley is seeking protection from her estranged husband for herself, their 2-year-old daughter Anna, her mom, Diana Cook, as well as her two children from a previous relationship. The 39-year-old also wants a judge to protect her two dogs from her ex.

Lesley claimed David has physically “abused” her, her children and their pets in addition to destroying her property and threatening her. The mom of three also stated that David has “sexually abused” her.

Not stopping there, Lesley alleged that David “controlled” her until she was unable to get “food or basic needs.” He also reportedly stopped her from “accessing or earning money” and “isolated” her from her loved ones.

In her complaint, Lesley said David “physically hit” her mom in February and even called her “derogatory names” because he “hates” Diana. Lesley told the court, “I believe my mother is in great bodily harm and is continually harassed by [David].”

Responding to the allegations, David requested that the court “deny [Lesley’s] request for a restraining order and grant [his own] request.” In his petition, he said Lesley “slapped” him in front of their child and her other daughter during an “intense and heated argument.”

This arrived around one week after David, who wed Lesley in October 2020 only to file for divorce from her in September 2022, accidentally met his first ex-wife Shannon at a restaurant. The two even took a selfie together to mark the rare moment.

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