Dave Grohl Stands Up For Teachers Amid Debate Over School Reopenings

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl has come out in support of teachers amid the ongoing debate over school reopenings.

In a new audio episode of his “Dave’s True Stories” series, which debuted on Wednesday, July 22, Grohl voiced his support for teachers in a nearly 9-minute homage titled “In Defense of Our Teachers.”

“I hate to break it to you, but I was a terrible student,” Grohl admits at the outset. “Each day, I desperately waited for the final bell to ring so that I could be released from the confines of my stuffy, windowless classroom and run home to my guitar.”

“It was no fault of the Fairfax County Public Schools system, mind you; it did the best it could. I was just stubbornly disengaged, impeded by a raging case of ADD and an insatiable desire to play music,” he added. “Far from being a model student, I tried my best to maintain focus, but eventually left school halfway through 11th grade to follow my dreams of becoming a professional touring musician. (Not advised.)”

Grohl then recalled that his mother was a teacher, an occupation that was so low-paying at the time that his mother had to do additional jobs for supplemental income.

“So, with me being a high school dropout, you’d imagine the current debate surrounding the reopening of schools wouldn’t register so much a blip on my rock & roll radar, right? Wrong. My mother was a public school teacher,” he added. “She was one of those teachers who became a mentor to many and her students remembered her long after they graduated.”

Then he noted a list of problems and safety measures teachers would have to take if the schools are reopened.

“Teachers are also confronted with a whole new set of dilemmas that most people would not consider. There’s so much more to be addressed than just opening the doors and sending [children] back home, my mother tells me on the phone,” Grohl said.

“Now 82 and retired, she runs down a list of concerns based on her 35 years of experience: Masks and distancing, temperature checks, crowded busing, crowded hallways, sports, air-conditioning systems, lunchrooms, public restrooms, janitorial staff,” he continued. “Most schools already struggle from a lack of resources. How can they possibly afford the mountain of safety measures that will need to be in place?”

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