Dan Walker admits surreal feeling over last day on BBC Breakfast as fans left in tears

Dan Walker tells Sally Nugent why he’s leaving BBC Breakfast

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Dan Walker has admitted it feels “surreal” to be leaving the famous red sofa on BBC Breakfast as he confirmed his last day on the programme on the show and then again on Twitter yesterday. The BBC newsreader, 45, left fans “in tears” with his announcement, while admitting to his co=host Sally Nugent that it had been a “sad decision” to make.

It still feels a little surreal

Dan Walker

In view of his 755,200 followers, the newsreader confirmed his last day on the show following a six year stint.

Dan wrote: “So… my final day on #bbcbreakfast will be 2 weeks today! (May 17th)

“It still feels a little surreal but @sallynugenttv has promised to bake me a goodbye tart,” he penned alongside a laughing emoji.

“Thank you for all the kind comments.

“You’re all lovely,” he ended the post.

Fans of the newsreader took to the comments to reveal that they had been left in tears over the news.

Twitter user @KATEtheboss41 wrote: “You will be missed Dan. I ended up in tears already that was from 6am this morning. But I do wish you all the best. And thank you for being there in our breakfast mornings. Like with @louiseminchin you have [touched] so many lives.”

@Andrea16176572 replied, adding: “Totally agree”.

Dan also shared a clip of the moment he announced his departure live on the show.

His co-host Sally Nugent turned and said to him: ” You’ve also got a little bit of news for me haven’t you?”

Dan replied: “One update,” leaving his co-host telling viewers to “brace themselves”.

“You know you keep asking me when I’m going? Well I can tell you now officially,” Dan said to his co-host.

Looking at his watch, Dan smiled and added: “I’m leaving in five minutes, you can do the rest of it yourself can’t you?” before the two broke into laughter.

“Totally, it’s mine” Sally replied.

Dan said: “May 17th is my last day”, as Sally looked downcast at having the date confirmed.

“That’s not many shifts left is it,” she replied, before Dan added that they have six shows left to present.

“Six more three o’ clockers then I’m out of here!” he joked.

Sally asked him: “Is that slightly lovely to know you’re going to get some more sleep?”

“It is nice, but as I have explained to you it’s also quite – it was a big decision and it’s quite a sad one as well,” he said to his co-host.

Reassuring Dan she added: “It’s ok, we’ve talked about it a lot, it’s fine, I’m ok!”

Dan went on: “The other thing to say is thank you to everybody who sent so many lovely messages and one thing I have realised because lots of people want to chat to you don’t they about this programme because it means an awful lot to an awful lot of people

“It’s reminded me how special this show is and how much everybody who watches it loves it, so thank you to everyone who’s come up and said some lovely things,” he added.

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