Charlotte Crosby wants to be friends with ex Gary Beadle despite admitting he ghosted her after ectopic pregnancy

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Charlotte Crosby has said she'd like to be friends with ex Gaz Beadle almost five years after suffering a devastating ectopic pregnancy.

Speaking on her podcast, Values and Vibrators, Charlotte broke down in tears as she recalled the incident. She confessed: "Me and Gary never really spoke since. But I will say now, it sounds so strange to even say this, because it’s like crazy even re-talking about everything that he did and how he handled the whole situation.

"I don’t even know how I can even say this. I haven’t forgiven him, but it kind of is what it is and I don’t hold a grudge against him any more. Obviously now, five years later, we have spoke a few times. As stupid as it sounds, it would be nice to be friends probably again."

The reality show celebrates its ten year anniversary this year but Charlotte and Gary are noticeably absent from the line up. Yet Charlotte insists she would never create any tension if they were to reunite on screen.

She explained: "If we ever were to do a reunion show, it’s not like I would start causing rows. I have actually healed from it now and I’ve got closure.

"And I’m so happy now. Looking back, as crazy as it sounds, everything happened for the right reasons. Because me and Gary weren’t meant to be together. As much as it looked like a fairytale on TV – it really wasn’t. Everything worked out the right way.”

Opening up about the horrifying ordeal that happened back in 2016, the former Geordie Shore star told how she had asked if Gary would be able to have his phone back while he filmed the show Ex on the Beach in a different country so they could be in contact. She said: “They were like, ‘Yeah we’ll let Gary have his phone back once a day.’

“But then in the back of my mind, I think every girl will know this, you don’t want to tell them to come home, but you want them to be there.

“But you want them to do that off their own back. You want them to be like, ‘I need to leave this show now I want to get on the first flight home and be by the side of the girl that I apparently care so much about.’ But that just never happened. And he carried on filming.

“We spoke every other day on the phone and he insisted, ‘It’s been great nothing has happened with any girls.’ Obviously that was a lie. Because when it came on telly shortly afterwards… [breaks down in tears] I don’t really need to say any more than that.”

She continued: “I suffered a lot. I lost my organs, I was in hospital, I nearly died and not that you get over it, but just as you start to feel everything is feeling a bit better and it’s something that happened but you’re moving on, and then, that TV show comes out. We just stopped speaking. The phone calls stopped and that was it really.”

Charlotte quit Geordie Shore soon after the ordeal and embarked on her own show for MTV. She's since found love with boyfriend Liam Beaumont.

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