Charles Manson 1969 Booking Report After 'Manson Family' Murders For Sale

Charles Manson‘s original booking sheet following his arrest for the grisly Manson Family murders is up for sale … but anyone looking to add it to their creepy crime collection is going to have to drop almost $100k, and maybe more.

The booking docs are 2 pages long and list Manson’s physical details along with his hometown (Cincinnati, spelled incorrectly), his address (Transient), his occupation (Musician), but most notably … the fact he was arrested for robbery and homicide and was facing 7 counts of murder.

The form is dated December 9, 1969 — a few months after Manson’s followers killed Sharon Tate and 6 others in August in Los Angeles — and the second page includes 2 of Manson’s fingerprints. The officer who fingerprinted him is listed with the last name Tate.

The second page also includes the name Juan Flynn at the top, presumably the same Juan Flynn who stayed at Manson’s Spahn Ranch and testified Manson told him shortly after Tate’s murder … “Don’t you know I’m the one who’s doing all these killings?”

The booking form is on sale by Moments In Time, with an asking price of $95,000. We’re told the site acquired the documents from a collector of historical crime items.

As you know … Manson and 3 of his followers were convicted in 1971 of murder and conspiracy in the 1969 killings after a 9-month trial, the longest murder trial in history when it occurred.

Manson died in prison in 2017.

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