Cameron Dallas & MagCon Members Do The Wave In New Videos!

Cameron Dallas and Taylor Caniff got fans super excited with a little MagCon reunion!

The two guys each uploaded similar videos of the group doing the wave.

“Wave 🌊🌊🌊 @aaroncarpenter @jackg @jackj @tcaniff @carterreynolds @mahoganylox @matthewespinosa @hayesgrier,” Cameron captioned the video on his TikTok, which was set to his song “Secrets”.

“Wait till the end 😭 2020 Waves 🌊 Thanks to all the homies for helping me out this together 🀟🏽 enjoy!” Taylor captioned another version on his Instagram, which included more people.

Those involved in the video included Hayes Grier, Jack & Jack, Carter Reynolds, Mahogany Lox, Matthew Espinosa, Aaron Carpenter, Jacob Sartorius, Josh Richards, and ArΓ³n Piper.

Wave 🌊🌊🌊 @aaroncarpenter @jackg @jackj @tcaniff @carterreynolds @mahoganylox @matthewespinosa @hayesgrier

♬ Secrets – Cameron Dallas