Caitlyn Jenner's Sons Embarrassed By Run For Governor

Caitlyn Jenner‘s ruffling all kinds of feathers within the family in her bid to be the next governor of California … her sons didn’t want her to run, and they’re embarrassed she is.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ … the Jenner bros — Brody, Brandon and Burt — don’t feel she’s qualified for the position and they strongly believe she shouldn’t be mounting a campaign.

Our sources say Caitlyn called some of her kids the night before publicly announcing her decision to run, and her sons strongly suggested she pump the brakes and scuttle the whole thing.

As you know, Caitlyn went ahead with her plans … but we’re told her sons are upset she never took the family’s feelings into consideration … by the time she called them she had already made her decision.

Caitlyn’s not doing much better with the Kardashians, including Kendall and Kylie, as we first told you … they won’t be hitting the campaign trail to stump for her, and Kim’s already clashing with CJ over prison reform.

For once, it sounds like the Kardashian-Jenner kids all agree on something … Caitlyn shouldn’t be running.

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