Caitlyn Jenner Refuses to Admit Trump Lost the 2020 Election, Aspires to Become ‘Disrupter’ Like Him

Speaking on ‘The View’ about her California Governor run, the former Olympic medalist refuses to say whether the former president lost or won the election against Joe Biden.

AceShowbizCaitlyn Jenner has raised eyebrows again with her statement as she is dabbling in politics. The former reality TV star, who has announced her intent to run for Governor of California as a Republican, appears to back Donald Trump‘s claim that he won the 2020 presidential election.

Appearing on “The View” on Thursday, June 10, the father of Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner was quizzed by co-host Joy Behar about the unfounded view of a significant share of Republicans that Trump actually won the election, not Joe Biden. “Are you one of those people, one of those Republicans?” the co-host asked the LGBTQ+ activist.

Not giving a straight answer, Jenner responded, “I am not going to get into that. That election is over with.” When Behar further pressed her, “But did he win? Did he win the election?”, the retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete dodged the question as she opted to talk about her goal as a California governor instead.

During the interview, Jenner also sang praise for Trump, expressing her desire to be a “disrupter” like him. “I think that Donald Trump did do some good things. What I liked about Donald Trump was that he was a disrupter,” she claimed. The 71-year-old added, “I want to go in and be a thoughtful disrupter in Sacramento. We need to change the system, and I want to change the system for the positive.”

Jenner also sidestepped a question about transgender athletes in student sports during her visit on “The View”. She previously said she opposed transgender girls playing on girls’ teams, but when asked about it on the show, she diminished it “as a very small issue in the state of California.” She argued, “We have so many bigger issues in this state like immigration.”

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