Brothers Osborne Call For Compromise In New Single ‘Hatin’ Somebody’

Brothers Osborne have dropped a new song, “Hatin’ Somebody,” in which they urge everyone to end bigotry and start loving each other.

“Hatin’ Somebody” is a track from the country duo’s upcoming third-studio album, Skeletons, which is due to drop on October 9.

The track was penned by John and TJ Osborne with Casey Beathard. “Hatin’ Somebody” follows “All Night” as the latest release from Skeletons.

“Hatin’ somebody ain’t never got nobody nowhere / It’s a bad seed to sow, it’s a dead end road when ya go there / Makin’ any headway that way ain’t got no prayer / Hatin’ somebody ain’t never got nobody nowhere,” the lyrics goes.

“We wrote [it] with Casey Beathard,” TJ explains, “and it’s kind of interesting how it has turned out to be timely. But ultimately, the song really just talks about, in the chorus, ‘Hatin’ somebody’s never got nobody nowhere/It’s a bad seed to sow, it’s a dead end road when you go there.’ Honestly, that just kind of always applies.”

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