Billie Eilish Perfectly Matched Her Nails to Her Mask at the Billboard Music Awards

Billie Eilish just landed two wins at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards for Top Female Artist and Top Billboard 200 Album, and whilst wearing full-on monochrome to boot. Her look consisted of an army green suit, hat, and face mask featuring floral embroidery — as well as a manicure in the same design to match.

As per usual, the 18-year-old "Bad Guy" singer went for an ultra-long nail style, as it tends to be her preferred length, however, this color and design are unlike any nail-art look we've seen on her before. Unfortunately, Eilish has never been one to share who does her nails, though it goes without saying that whoever it is has some serious talent.

In a snapshot of Eilish posted by @bbmas, you can clearly see how meticulous and detailed the manicure is. The base color is the same exact shade as her outfit, and if you zoom in — which we did, obviously — you'll see that the beautiful floral detailing perfectly matches the print on her suit, mask, and hat.

While it's impossible to choose a favorite award show look of Eilish's, this is definitely going down as one of the best in our books.

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