Amanda Owen worries fans as she sports black eye while farming Ive been out of action

Amanda Owen reveals bruise as she shears sheep

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The Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen, 46, has caused concern amongst her fans after sporting a swollen-looking black eye at the end of a clip carrying out her farming duties. The Our Yorkshire Farm star admitted she had been absent from tending to her flock because of the injury to her face.

Actually I’ve been out of action…the very last frame might enlighten

Amanda Owen

In view of her 172,800 followers, the mother-of-nine posted a clip of herself getting stuck back into shearing duties on Ravenseat Farm, after admitting she’d been “out of action” for a period of time.

Amanda captioned the video: “Eat, sleep, sheep, repeat,” followed by repeating emojis of scissors and sheep.

Gripping each member of her flock by their horns, Amanda speedily ran the trimmer through the sheep’s thick wool in an even and straight fashion.

Despite looking incredibly efficient in her shearing duties, the Yorkshire native confessed that she was out of practice.

“*Actually I’ve been out of action…the very last frame might enlighten*”, she added.

She followed up the statement with an emoji of a face wearing a bandage around its head.

Amanda went on to hint the reason for her absence was in the last frame of the clip – which shockingly saw the star sport a large, crescent-shaped black bruise around her eye.

Concerned fans of the shepherdess instantly flocked to the comments to wish the star better.

One worried social media user penned: “It amazes me how neat you do it! I’d be so bad at it, hope your eyes ok looks painful x.” (sic)

Another commented: “Tough break with the eye, hope it’s not too painful.”

While another asked the farming expert how she sustained her injury: “Did you get a kick to the face?”, they wrote.

This is not the first time fans have raised their concerns, as days ago Amanda posted snaps of herself and her children swimming in what appeared to be “red water”.

Jumping into a bikini, Amanda and her offspring headed for a dip into the water near their Ravenseat Farm home.

While some fans praised the shepherdess for looking amazing in her swimwear, others shared their concern that Amanda had led the youngsters into a dangerous area.

Despite including information on how to enjoy outdoor water safely, fans were concerned over the “rusty” looking hue of the water.

However, the star’s savvy followers were quick to explain that the colour of the water was down to the amount of peat in the surrounding soil.

Elsewhere, Amanda’s husband Clive said that it is unlikely that he and his wife will be adding child number 10 to their family anytime soon.

Amanda’s husband spoke about the family’s future in a special episode of the programme, where he said that he thinks he has “changed his last nappy”.

The children who do partake in filming the series include Raven, 20, Reuben, 17, Miles, 15, Edith, 12, Violet, 10, and Sidney, nine.

Annas, seven, Clemmie, five, and Nancy, four, complete the line-up so the farm owners have their hands full.

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