13 Memes to Describe Your Love for Lord of the Rings<\/em>

Picture this: It’s December 2001. People are lined up around the block of their local movie theaters to catch the midnight release of the J.R.R. Tolkien adaptation of The Fellowship of the Ring. What could’ve been a generic fantasy film instead morphed into what became one of the most beloved fantasy franchises of all time.

Almost two decades after its premiere, fans are still in love with Tolkien’s original tale of a young hobbit and his friends persevering to save their home of Middle Earth. It’s an admirable story of strength and courage. So we at Men’s Health decided to compile the very best LOTR memes to give a new generation the chance to immerse themselves Tolkien’s fantastical world all his own. Below, 22 of our favorite Lord of the Rings memes for your viewing pleasure.

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