You've been chopping your lettuce all wrong – food fan reveals how to get the core out WITHOUT using a knife

IF you’re not a fan of cheffing up in the kitchen, having some quick and easy hacks to hand might just make things a bit better for you. 

And one food fan is here with a smart hack, which people can’t get enough of. 

Suzy, who goes by the name of ocwarrior19 on TikTok, shared a “life tip”  fan has revealed a quick and easy hack to chop the core out of an iceberg lettuce without having to use a knife. 

Sharing a video to her 120.9k TikTok followers, Suzy captioned it: “My momma taught me this one.” 

Then throughout the video, she demonstrates exactly how it is done. 

Suzy first starts off by unwrapping the clingfilm from around the lettuce.

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She then points at the core, while the video reads: “Easiest way to take the core out.” 

Then, turning the lettuce around so the cork is facing the table Suzy then bangs the entire lettuce down with force behind it. 

She then shows the cork has been pushed in towards the lettuce but is then able to pull it out, leaving an even hole at the bottom. 

And many people praised the “great trick.” 

One wrote: “The things Tik Tok will teach you

Another added: “Well I've just learnt something new.”

A third said: “I never seen this before and I’m going to be cutting an iceberg shortly! I’m trying this.”

While a fourth confirmed: “I learned this at a restaurant I worked at when I was 15. Accurate!!”

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Someone else added their useful tip in addition to this.

They wrote: “Keep that piece and put it in water…it will grow more lettuce.”

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