Woman stunned to discover she’s saved hundreds in a year with hardly any effort

A WOMAN managed to save hundreds of pounds in a year with this super simple hack.

Her video has inspired many others to try the hack for themselves, and it involves almost no effort.

Tiktok user Emma shared the hack, which shows how much money you can build up when you save your spare change.

Emma saved just her pound coins for one year, putting them into a breakable piggy bank in the shape of champagne bottle.

By just saving one pound coins, you can easily save up while hardly noticing that you're putting money away.

Emma broke her piggy bank yesterday, laid out her pound coins, and then took them to be counted.

In her video, she shows that the machine counts almost £400, and that's not even the final number.

You can get a champagne bottle piggy bank like Emma's for only £4, and clearly it's an investment worth making.

The video has reached over 700,000 people, and viewers can't wait to try the hack for themselves.

"Let's start doing this", commented one viewer, while another said: "I need to do this."

Others have already tried the hack and they love it.

"We're doing this now and spending it on trips and meals out to make us happy", wrote one enthusiastic commenter.

Others just wish they'd started using this saving technique sooner.

"Imagine if I'd done this last year and could open it now, wow", wrote one viewer.

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