Woman shares hack for the perfect poached egg by using cling film to keep it in shape

A SAVVY food blogger has revealed how you can make the perfect poached eggs every time, and all you will need is some cling film.

TikTok user Georgie Halfacree, from London often shares hacks on her  page for making home cooking fun and easy and above all else, affordable, and her latest video will conquer your fear of poached eggs for good.

Speaking on her channel Georgie explains that you need to begin by filling a pan with boiling water and placing on a medium/ low heat and then you will need a small ceramic ramekin.

Cut a square of cling film and then place it over the ramekin, before adding a glug of olive oil and spreading it around using a pastry brush.

Crack your egg directly into the ramekin and then lift the four corners of the cling film up to give you a balloon shape,  squeezing the air out of it.

Tie a little knot in the top of the cling film so that you have a little parcel. 

Drop the eggs into the simmering water and cook for about three minutes and remove the cling film, giving you the perfect poached egg.

Georgie says: “That for me is the perfect poached egg. No guys you don’t need to be scared of poached eggs anymore – look how beautiful that is.”

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