Woman divides opinion after sharing her list of 11 rules for a first date – including be late and don't text them before | The Sun

A WOMAN has divided opinions after sharing her list of eleven rules for a first date. 

Brenna Berg took to TikTok to share her dating advice, leaving many people open-mouthed. 

The young woman, who has 21.1K followers and 2.7M likes, listed her 11 first-date rules, with one in particular causing a lot of controversy.

Brenna said "take my advice I’m begging you" as she posted her 11 rules on the video sharing platform. 

So if you are heading on a first date, you might want to listen up.

But which rule do you think caused controversy? 

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1. Never have them pick you up on a first date

According to Brenna, the first rule of any first date is to make sure that you don’t get a lift with your date for your first meeting.

She said: "Have you ever met someone for the first time? Do they get out of the car, or do they not get out of the car? It's so awkward. No. You want to walk into the date."

2. Be a little late

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The second rule, claimed Brenna, is to be late to your date.

She added: "Be just a hair late – it’s stupid but there is something about them being there and you waking in rather than you sitting there waiting for them”. 

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3. Dates only on weekend nights

The third rule on Brenna’s list is to only accept dates on weekends.

The dating content creator explained: "During the week, I have to get up early, I'm tired, and I want to have time to get ready and enjoy it. 

“And, this shows this man is someone who goes out with the boys every Friday and Saturday night. 

“If he's making time for you on a Friday or a Saturday night I feel like that's a good sign."

4. Don't text before a date

Not only this, but another rule of Brenna’s is to never text a date before you meet them.

Brenna said: "Do not be a pen pal beforehand. 

“You should know nothing about this man before going on the date."

5. Do not tell them your relationship expectations on the first date

The content creator went on to list another rule – as she encouraged people to be relaxed about revealing their expectations. 

She noted:: "I feel like people come in so hot and say 'This is what I'm looking for'. 

“First of all, let them show you.

“Second of all, it's a first date, you're just getting to know them, chill out."

6. Don't say thanks after

This one might seem odd, but according to Brenna, you mustn’t text your date after, thanking them for the evening. 

She clarified: "Thank them during the date. Say thanks for drinks, thanks for dinner.

“No text after, no – you thank them in person”. 

7. Wait for a second date

According to Brenna, it’s very important that you wait at least three days until the next date. 

She said: "If you’re going to go on a second date, wait a minimum of three days to go on the next date.

“Don't be too available. Let it simmer, let it rest, what's the rush?

“Sit on it, think about the first date, chill out”.

8. Do not be on your phone during the date

This might seem obvious to those with any manners, but Brenna advised the importance of staying off your phone when on a date.

She advised: "Do not be on your phone during this date – it's an hour, maybe two, of your time. Be present, and put your phone away, it's just disrespectful, I hate people who do this."

9. Don't get drunk

For those that like to get merry on a first date, according to Brenna, this is a big no no.


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She went on to say: "Don’t get drunk either – if you're having drinks that's okay, you don't need to get hammered”. 

10. Go into the date expecting friendship

Another of Brena’s rule is to not put too much pressure on the date and expect to gain a friend, rather than a partner. 

The dating TikToker explained: "You just need to go in with confidence and think this could be fun, I'm just meeting a new person and it can evolve from there. Chill out"

11. Have fun

And finally, according to Brenna, a major rule of a first date is to have fun.

She concluded: "It's the first date, it's supposed to be fun”. 

Brenna’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up 1.5million views. 

It has 151.8k likes, 684 comments and 1,0467 shares. 

While most people agreed with some of her rules, many overwhelmingly disagreed with one rule – number four. 

One wrote: "Agree with most! The only one that no one agrees with me on, is I think you should talk for at least two weeks before going on a date."

Another said: "Why would I want to know nothing about them? Why would I want to go on a date with a stranger?"

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Someone else added: "I’m not going out with a complete stranger. Nope”. 

One commenter said: "Don’t agree with four at all. I’m not wasting a great purify, mani-pedi, doing my hair in makeup and an Uber ride if they don’t pass a few questions."

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