Why more millennials are relying on astrology

With a global pandemic, Megxit and don’t get us started on Kimye, it’s fair to see we’re living in an age of uncertainty.

In an effort to get some guidance, a growing number of people, particularly millennial women, are turning to astrology to help them size up partner potential, choose a career and even where to get a tattoo.

Astrology has been around in various forms for thousands of years, but now horoscope meme machines are amassing more interest than ever.

Tarot queen Kerry King tells us: "For some years now, astrology has played the role of therapist, counsellor and decision making aide for millennials.

"Every generation tends to discover the stars at some point, but, for this generation, it is more than curiosity.

"Birth charts are analysed, events like Mercury Retrograde are planned around, dating apps using astrological matching are sought.

List of 13 star signs

According to NASA, these are the 13 star signs – including the new Ophiuchus.

  • Capricorn: January 20th to February 16th
  • Aquarius: February 16th to March 11th
  • Pisces: March 11th to April 18th
  • Aries: April 18th to May 13th
  • Taurus: May 13th to June 21st
  • Gemini: June 21st to July 20th
  • Cancer: July 20th to August 10th
  • Leo: August 10th to September 16th
  • Virgo: September 16th to October 30th
  • Libra: October 30th to November 23rd
  • Scorpio: November 23rd to November 29th
  • Ophiuchus: November 29th to December 17th
  • Sagittarius: December 17th to January 20th

"In what is a very uncertain and volatile world, astrology offers structure and sense."

Serious about stars

It’s now the norm for millennials to talk about Mercury retrograde or the Pink Moon with stealth-like seriousness.

They know their sun sign is only half the picture with the rising, venus and sexy black moon Lilith (more about that here soon) explaining our personalities so much more.

Love compatibility

Looking for love is tricky at the best of times especially now, but Mystic Meg tells us how knowing which signs are compatible in love can make the quest so much easier.

Horny Capricorn for example may find dreamy Pisces’s emotional needs difficult to understand for example. But there’s so much trust and caring on offer that it’s worth it. It is said to be one of the most passionately fulfilling relationships.

Capricorn Kate Middleton adores the strength and support of her Cancer, Wills. The stars speak of longevity for the royal couple whose signs sit six spaces apart on the zodiac wheel proving that opposites really do attract.

In an age where nothing is certain it seems so many things are still written in the stars.


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