The worst lockdown haircuts we've seen so far

If you’ve ever been sitting in the chair at the barber or salon and thought ‘this looks easy’, let this be a lesson to you.

After hairdressers closed their doors this week to keep staff and customers safe amid the coronavirus pandemic, people have been taking matters into their own hands. And the results are not good.

Given that we’ve only been on ‘lockdown’ for a few days, it might be surprising that people are already cutting their own hair, but boredom and a lack of having to see anyone will do strange things to a person.

These people – their stories put together by The Tab – have gotten out their kitchen scissors and clippers and given themselves some quarantine pampering.

Thankfully they’ll be able to grow out these monstrous mops before the lockdown is over.

Lara, 22

We’ve all been there; giving the fringe a quick trim only to find you’ve inadvertently made the middle a completely different length to the rest.

Lara’s been left with a triangle forehead after her attempts, which will hopefully grow into a normal shape in the next few weeks.

Matt, 20

One of many who attempted a skin fade, and then realised how difficult it is to do.

If he calls it directional and avante garde, he could probably get a job in most East London art galleries by the time this all blows over.

Josh, 20

Anyone getting Dumb and Dumber vibes from Josh here?

The bin bag barber gown is the cherry on the top of this redneck-tastic bowl cut.

Josh is apparently no stranger to bad haircuts either, as you can see from this horrifyingly short bowl-cut he got a few years back for charity.

He didn’t even have the luxury of staying inside and hiding then, so fair play.

Harry, 23

The author of the original Tab article in the man behind this trim.

He said: ‘I did myself a bowl cut back when I had bleach blonde hair and, as shabby as it looked, I kind of styled it out.

‘This time, however, things are different, and it looks like I have a literal lid.’

Tommy, 22

Tommy’s cut makes it appear as if he has racing stripes, but whoever did it has clearly taken time to ensure that it is perfectly symmetrical.

Dare we say it, this is actually a huge flex.

Ollie, 22

Mullets are back in a big way, as proven by Ollie.

He’s also teamed this with short sides, which is unnerving but brave.

Have you given yourself a dodgy quarantine haircut? Send your pictures in to [email protected].

Be aware, however, we are likely to rinse you.

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