The top bedroom mood killers revealed – are you guilty of any bad habits?

WE'VE all been there, you're in the throes of passion and excitement is running high, then your partner does something that completely kills the mood.

Mood killers have invaded all our bedroom's at some point, but are you guilty of any bad habits when it comes to your time beneath the sheets?

Everyone has their own personal preferences and what could be a turn off for some people, might be a massive turn on for others.

Kate Moyle, Sex and Relationship expert at LELO UK previously said that people's sex lives have done massive shift because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether it's the lack of personal contact over the last year, or the fact that you've been stuck in with your partner all this time – these factors could mean that you're less willing to put up with turn offs.

A recent survey found that almost half of Brits don't tell their partners what turns them off in bed.

Research from relationship app Paired found that 45 per cent of Brits were too embarrassed to bring this up with their partner.

Around 42 per cent of Brits said there was something specific that turned them off.

Here are some of your biggest mood killers in the bedroom…

Having pets in the bedroom

Sex expert Tracey Cox says turns offs can have an impact on the most dedicated lovers.

We all love our furry friends, but there is something a bit strange about them being around when we're up to no good.

Speaking to MailOnline Tracey said: "Is there anything more unnerving than looking down to see a dog or cat sitting at the edge of the bed, eyes fixed steadfastly on the action (or worse, your face)?"

Poor sexual technique

Data from Paired revealed that poor sexual technique is one of the biggest turn offs for Brits.

Over 35 per cent of Brits said that this was a turn off for them.

But practise makes perfect.

Looking at your phone

Everyone is switched on 24/7 and the Covid pandemic has meant that our bedroom is now also our office space.

Tracey said there is no bigger mood killer than a phone going off, and your partner then checking to see who or what it is during your sexual encounter.

She said: "Phone addiction causes extreme conflict in relationships but choosing your phone over having sex with your partner is a very special kind of low."

Being selfish

When you're having sex it can be easy to think about how much pleasure you're getting from the experience, but remember it takes two.

Data from Paired shows that close to a quarter of Brits think the biggest turn off in the bedroom is people being selfish.

Try and think about putting your partner's needs first, it's likely they will return the favour.

Time check

If you have limited time then it could be difficult to get in the mood.

For the most part, women take longer than men to reach orgasm and a study previously found that women need 13.46 minutes of sex to reach orgasm.

Experts published a paper in the Journal of Sexual Medicine which looked at the sexual behaviour of 645 women for eight weeks and from this they managed to determine an average time to orgasm.

So ladies, if you're in a rush, or your partner is rushing you, it's unlikely you'll reach the big O.

Bad smells

Bad personal hygiene is a no-go when it comes to bedroom etiquette and there are just some smells that can't be tolerated.

Tracey said: "Performing oral sex on someone who hasn't got clean genitals is enough to put you off for life!

"And, yes, breaking wind is sometimes unavoidable during sex but deliberately doing it is a completely different story."

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