Stacey Solomon & Joe Swash have a ‘strong mutual sexual attraction’ but he seeks attention ‘like a dog wagging his tail'

SNUGGLED up on the sofa with a glass of wine in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other – Stacey Solomon and Joe Swash seem just like another other ordinary couple. Except of course for the fact that millions of us are tuning in to watch them watch TV.

During their appearance on Celebrity Gogglebox, Stacey and Joe have welcomed us into their cosy Essex home – and it's been nothing short of hilarious.

The couple – who welcomed son Rex last year – have had us in hysterics as they bicker over everything from their favourite member of Take That to sharing snacks. Spoiler alert: it doesn't always end well for Joe.

But according to body language expert Judi James, their cute little quarrels are all for camera – as the pair maintain a "strong mutual sexual attraction" while Joe is desperate for Stacey's attention at all times.

Here body language expert Judi James analyses the couple's cute cues we all missed the first time…

Bickering, exasperated eye-rolling and some tacos-and-sour-cream-based flirting: Stacey and Joe’s Gogglebox body language makes them one of TV’s most authentic and identifiable celebrity couples.

Schoolkid banter

As Stacey hacks into the snacks Joe often looks like a naughty kid trying to get some attention from his mum.

Stacey rolls her eyes and even complains about things like Joe’s interest in the nudity on Naked Attraction but on each occasion his banter and joking is relentless and in the end he gets his reward when Stacey grins and joins in, when they are like two naughty giggling schoolkids together.

For some couples these bickering rituals could brew into rows but, like many close, loving couples, Stacey and Joe use some powerful body language technique to keep it all like a non-verbal version of play-fighting.

Proximity seems key to this couple as it keeps them tuned-in to one another as well as allowing Joe to get maximum attention from Stacey.

Sexy leg splays

When their legs aren't intertwined, the couple have copied each other's seating positions.

With their bodies close, both Stacey and Joe use a leg-splay gesture and this suggests mutual sexual attraction.

Attention-seeking Joe

One of Joe’s biggest aims seems to be to make Stacey laugh.

He chips away, watching her carefully, and when she does join in the laughter his smile widens, creasing his entire face and showing upper and lower teeth as he giggles in delight.

He folds his arms and stuffs his hands under his armpits and his left leg wobble is also hugely telling: by waggling it backward and forward in happiness, he’s like a dog wagging its tail.

Loving glances

Even though they sit close, there are very few moments when either Stacey isn’t eye-checking Joe or visa-versa.

When they tease or use banter this type of eye-gaze is really important, showing it’s how they tune into one another to check their responses.

Sometimes their eye contact meets and again they seem to use it read and communicate with one another to make sure they’re both happy with the way the conversation is going.

It appears to ensure they can have verbal sparring that is fun and which ends in closeness and mutual giggles rather than escalating into a row. 

Trusting torsos

Stacey and Joe both tend to slump back their sofa with their bodies welded together at the arms.

This type of body contact when they’re relaxing suggests high levels of trust and feelings of being a very strong double-act.

Combined with the eye contact their signals suggest they could really suffer during any time they have to spend apart.

When they’re shown a scary movie the dynamic of their signals change and it’s Stacey who becomes the child, nestling up to Joe and resting her head on him to show she also turns to him for protection.

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