Shoppers are in love with B&M’s new bedding range including a teddy bear duvet for £20 and a faux fur blanket – The Sun

AS the temperatures outside continue to drop, there's nothing we love more than snuggling down into a cosy bed at night.

So it's no wonder shoppers are going mad for B&M's latest collection of bedding, including fleece duvets and teddy bear blankets.

The new bedding sets are made from the cosiest fabrics, which are bound to make bedtime even more luxurious.

Shoppers have already been snapping up the ultra snuggly sheets, duvet sets and blankets, sharing photos of the goods on social media.

Taking to the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, one posted a snap of  a faux fur and velvet duvet set she picked up.

The eager B&M shopper has already put the duvet set on her bed – and the room couldn't look more inviting.

She wrote: "Theeee softest coziest bedding of dreams from b&m only £25! Faux fur on top and a soft velvet underneath with a zip instead of buttons. This is a double. This will sell out so be quick!"

Another posted a snap of a grey teddy fleece duvet set, which she picked up from the Hull store.

She wrote: "Back in b&m, winter teddy bear bedding, get them whilst you can."

Another commenter chimed in: "I can't wait for winter now, just to get snuggled up in my teddy bear bedding, lol."

There are dozens of ultra cosy items in B&M's new bedding range.

The teddy fleece texture bedding sets went down a storm last year, with customers clearing the shelves of the ultra-warm items.

Teddy fleece fitted sheets are £8 for double and £10 for king size.

Meanwhile, the duvet sets are £20 for double and £25 for king size.

Sheets and duvet sets come in white, grey, blush and charcoal.

Other bedding sets are made from super soft faux fur, with blankets for £5 and duvet sets starting at £25.

It's no wonder the bedding sets are a hit – if there's one redeeming quality about winter, it's that you can really appreciate getting into a warm bed at the end of a chilly day.

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