People are raving about a genius new way to get their kitchens’ spotless – all you need is a product invented in 1847 | The Sun

PEOPLE are raving about a genius new way to keep your kitchens gleaming – and you need a product you probably already have in your cupboard.

A woman showed how she used parchment paper scrunched up to remove any marks on her taps.

In a clip which has racked up thousands of likes, Anna showed how she ripped off a section of the baking paper and crinkled it up.

She then lightly scrubbed her taps and was amazed when all marks came off instantly and her stainless steel looked pristine.

She added on her @anna_louisa_at_home account: “Tiktok made me try it – parchment paper cleaning hack.

“One of you guys told me to try the parchment paper hack for removing water spots from your taps. 

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“Not going to lie, I didn't have much faith but you were right! 

“It buffs them off so easily!”

Many people were impressed with the hack, with others raving about how they do it too.

One wrote: “Works like a charm.”

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Another added: “Newspaper works just as well! We’ve been doing it in our family for as long as I can remember.”

Meanwhile one woman showed how she uses parchment paper to protect her hair from heat damage.

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