Mum shares her epic cleaning transformation ahead of landlord inspection – but gets slammed for being 'too messy'

LET'S be honest – nothing makes us panic quite like an impending visit from our landlord.

And one person who knows a little something about this is Australian mum-of-two Emmy Rachelle.

Ahead of her inspection earlier this month, the TikTok star thought she'd document her two-week cleaning process in a series of viral videos.

"Inspections for private renters can be really daunting sometimes," she said. "So I am going to show you how I tackle my house."

Kicking off the epic job, Emmy started by tackling her room and the mound of clothes covering her bed.

"If you’re like me, [then] your bedroom might get a little bit messy sometimes," she admitted.

After folding all her clothes away, the mum then turned her energy to tidying the products on her dressing table before clearing the crumbs her son had left on the floor.

Walking her 375,000 followers through the process, Emmy then changed her sheets and began dusting every inch of the room – from skirting boards to the furniture.

Next, the mum "wiped down everything and anything" in the room – including plug sockets, fans and door handles.

She added: "Finish off with the vacuum. I honestly like to carpet clean, wash my screens and do my walls right at the end of everything once my house is fully cleaned."

But while the overwhelming majority of Emmy's followers found the video helpful, some viewers blasted the mum for letting her room get "too messy" in the first place.

"Yeah maybe wouldn’t be so hard if you tried to tackle things daily," one user fumed.

Another added: "Noo my bedroom doesn't get like that!!"

"I try to do house cleaning once a week," a third wrote. "Yeah I have a young child, cat and dog and still manage to keep the house clean."


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However, others jumped to Emmy's defence and said her videos were "normalising messy homes".

"Why are people hating? Leave her be," one wrote. "Guess what – it's HER HOUSE!"

Another replied: "OMG I'm so glad I'm not the only one with a messy room like that."

"I love the fact that you share the reality of having children," a third responded. "My house isn't perfect 24/7 either."

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