Mrs Hinch shows off 'amazing' eBay temporary tattoos for eyebrows – but ends up with creepy ‘hairs’ on her arm

MRS Hinch has shown off the “amazing” temporary eyebrow tattoos she picked up on eBay – but was left with “growths” on her arm after trying them out.

The cleaning guru, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, shared her bargain beauty purchase with her Instagram followers.

She revealed that she had picked up the £6 tattoos from the auction site after spotting them on a beauty Instagram account @danigmakeup.

Speaking in the video, Sophie says: “I thought I would pop a pair on my arm now and just show you how they work

“My brows are microbladed but i can’t get them done at the moment so I wanted to try these to give me extra brow strokes.”

As with any standard temporary tattoo you will simply need to wet the paper with a damp cotton wool bud before pulling the transfer paper away.

And Mrs Hinch was thrilled with the results.

“I’m sorry but how amazing are these guys?” she says.

“I can’t get over how real these look! I’m so impressed!!! EBAY EYEBROWS ARE THE ONE!!! I love eBay even more now!!!”

However, Sophie, who is currently pregnant with her second child, soon encountered a problem when the brows refused to budge.

She adds: “Do they wipe off easily? Nope! If I went into labour now I think that the midwives would be a little confused.

“I think you just use sellotape to get them off guys!”

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