Mrs Hinch fans share best hack to get ink stains out of clothes as bride's wedding dress marked with biro before big day | The Sun

A BRIDE-TO-BE has sought the fan of Mrs Hinch fans after her wedding dress arrived with biro ink stains on it. 

She claimed to not have enough time to send the dress back and receive a replacement, so had to fix the issue herself. 

“Best idea to get biro pen off the back of my wedding dress?” the bride asked Mrs Hinch fans on Facebook.

“It's on the netted material. I’ve not even had a chance to wear it yet and it's arrived with pen on the back.”

She added that she had no time to get a replacement before her nuptials and that the brand she bought the wedding dress from were “shocking”. 

Fortunately, Mrs Hinch fans were quick to provide a very unusual solution. 

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They advised the bride-to-be to soak the stain in milk.

Milk is able to break down ink stains when soaked for long enough, which is usually an hour to overnight. 

The exact science behind it is unclear, but Mrs Hinch fans were quick to assure it really does work. 

“Soak it in just the part you need to, not the whole dress,” one advised. “I learnt this tip about 35 years ago and use it to this day. 

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“It’s gentler than hand sanitiser on just the area that needs it. Pop milk in a dish or bowl.

“It may not work if you've tried harsh chemicals on it already.”

As milk is more gentle than the likes of rubbing alcohol or hand sanitiser, meaning its less likely to damage the dress netting. 

Another suggestion was for the bride-to-be to use hairspray to “melt away” the stain. 

“Place a tissue under the stained area then spray the mark with hairspray,” one Mrs Hinch fan said.

“The ink should pass through into the tissue.

“It worked for me on my son's expensive tracksuit top.”

Another suggested rubbing the biro ink stain “with a damp cloth” after spritzing hairspray on it.

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