Mandy Moore Went Through 15 Bottles of This $5 Dry Shampoo During Quarantine

Quarantine illuminated some harsh truths for all of us. Maybe you channeled anxiety into picking at your skin, ordered takeout for days at a time, or took up online shopping like a competitive sport. Or maybe you made like Mandy Moore and turned to dry shampoo as a trusted friend to stretch out the freshness of your hair through countless no-wash days. 

As the actress, Garnier ambassador, and new-ish mom told Glamour last week, she went through over a dozen bottles of Garnier's Coco Colada Invisible Dry Shampoo during the stay-at-home period. "I've gone through 15 bottles of this during quarantine, because it absorbs oil, but it makes your hair feel really clean," Moore revealed, citing the dry shampoo as the reason her hair always looks so good.

Going by the 700+ five-star reviews the product's won on Walmart's website, we'd bet it smells great, too. Shoppers write that the easy-to-use formula leaves hair with a coconut scent that's as incredible as the volume it creates. In fact, the scent alone is so good, some reviewers mention using it on clean hair just for a whiff (but if you're not a coconut fan, shoppers say the melon and starfruit scents are just as good). 

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Most importantly, though, the rice starch-powered formula leaves hair feeling clean and looking grease-free in between washes, and it goes on without any tell-tale white residue. People across hair types are all in favor: Shoppers say it's invisible on black hair, while people with thin, fine hair say it adds thickness and keeps excess oil at bay. It doesn't overcompensate and dry out your hair or go on sticky and heavy — and since the formula is silicone-free, it's not a pain to wash out either. 

Even hairstylists are impressed: One in the comments says the formula instantly makes their hair look fresh, without requiring any effort to disguise white, powdery residue. A self-proclaimed mom-on-the-go is likewise impressed, writing that of all the dry shampoos they've used to get through the day when time is tight, the Coco Colada's light, tropical paradise-scent and weightless feeling bumps it into holy grail territory.   

But the ultimate test? A last shopper took the dry shampoo on a camping trip where there was no power and no water source (hardcore). The bottle of Garnier held up: They ended the trip with hair feeling soft, clean, and refreshed, versus their usual stringy, greasy, and frizzy beyond repair. For less than $5, there's nothing better.

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