I’m an elegance expert – four popular coat types to avoid this fall, number two's only appropriate in the military | The Sun

AS the weather continues to get colder it's time to dig out your favorite jackets and coats.

An elegance expert has shared the popular styles to avoid this autumn.

In her video, TikTok user Amira Bessette (@amira.bessette) discussed the top four coats that bring down your look.

For her first item, the etiquette coach tackled oversized padded coats, which she said "do not belong in elegant style."

She explained: "The fabric used, the design, and the bulkiness make it look very dressed down.

"This type of coat will never look classy, sophisticated, or graceful."

Amira added: "It’s not even appropriate for everyday casual elegant wear."

She pointed out that there are many alternatives for those wishing to create a more elegant look.

Next, she advised her followers against adding a camouflage jacket to their fall wardrobe.

"The only appropriate occasion to wear this jacket would be if you are in the military or perhaps if you go hiking," Amira told viewers.

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She also recommended avoiding any coat or jacket that is made from fur.

"In case you didn’t know the fur industry is insanely abusive and being an elegant woman is not only about fashion but also about your mindset," she explained.

Amira referred to the empathy required to perfect an elegant lifestyle.

She told her audience that refusing to support animal cruelty is a necessity for classy ladies.

Finally, Amira told her audience to put thought into the fit of their coats.

"Oversized loose coats can definitely look elegant for daily wear however, you must be very careful about the design, especially if you are on the curvier and shorter side," she said.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the fashion recommendations.

"I agree but there is faux fur that looks chic and elegant," pointed out one viewer.



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Another follower said: "I love the elegant style but I love my faux fur regardless if it fits the aesthetic."

"I love long coats but they don't look good on me because I'm short. I always dress to look taller," shared a third person.

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