I'm a vet & there are five dog breeds I'd NEVER own – they come with so many health problems | The Sun

A VET has revealed the five dog breeds she'd never personally own – and given detailed reasons why.

Dr Rachel took to TikTok and posted a video where she offers a run down of the dog breeds in question, with her opinions based largely off medical issues she's seen in her profession.

In the clip, the vet says that at number five is the Boxer.

"Although they're very playful dogs, they come with a lot of genetic health problems," she explains.

"They're prone to histiocytic Ulcerative Colitis, degenerative myelopathy and a heart disease so common to them, we simply call it 'boxer cardiomyopathy.'

She adds: "They're also very prone to cancer."


I’m a vet and there are five dog breeds I’d never own

I’m a vet, there are 5 dogs I’d never own – they always land owners with bills

Moving on, Dr Rachel says that at number four is the Shar Pei.

"Although these dogs are loyal to their owners, they were bred to be guard dogs and can be stand-offish and even aggressive towards new people, if they're not trained otherwise," the vet explains.

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She continues: "Because of their loose skin, they often get skin infections and 'entropion', where the skin of the eyelids falls in on itself and causes painful ulcers."

Dr Rachel adds: "Lastly, they have a health condition named after them called 'Shar Pei fever,' which involves joint swelling, fever and can even lead to kidney failure.

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At number three is the St. Bernard.

"My main complaint is the drool," says the professional. "I know what you're thinking, 'you're a vet – you can deal with this.'

"I can deal with blood and guts and poo and urine but drool just grosses me out!

"Another reason why I wouldn't get this dog is because they get huge!

"I personally don't want a dog that can overpower me if things get out of hand."

She notes: "Now this isn't an issue if they're well trained and, if you don't mind drool, they could be for you."

Dr Rachel goes on to two say that number two is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

"These dogs are incredibly sweet and make great family companions, so why wouldn't I buy one?" she says.

""The same reason Norway has banned the breeding of these dogs.

They're 20 times more susceptible than the average dog to a heart disease called 'Mitral valve disease.'

"It affects 50% of these dogs by aged 5 and almost 100% by aged 10."

Then, placing at number one is the Pug.

"This goes for any brachycephalic breed or breed that has a smushed face like a Bulldog," Dr Rachel says.

"This condition leads to a lifetime of breathing issues…

"A lot of these dogs are exercise intolerant and I've seen a lot of them die from heat stroke during the summer – not to mention how
having a smushed face also leads to skin infection between their rolls."

The post has since racked up an impressive 2 million views and been flooded with comments from social media users.

"I lost my pug due to the heat – it's been 2 years and I still can't get over it," wrote one.

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A second penned: "Had 2 female cavalier king Charles spaniels. They both had Mitral Valve Disease. One past away at age 4 and the other age 7. They literally just drop."

A third noted: "Saints don’t drool as much as people think. My Saint’s size literally saved my life and my daughter’s life. I will never live without a Saint Bernard!"

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