I'm a traveller and here's my daily house maintenance routine and the £1.99 product that keeps it smelling fresh all day | The Sun

FROM wiping the sides to putting misplaced items back where they belong, it can often feel like there's not enough hours in the day to keep your house looking clean and tidy.

But an Irish traveller named Heidi McDongh Clee, who frequently shares her top tips and tricks on how to maintain a clean home, has now revealed the day-to-day home maintenance regime she swears by.

In a clip posted to TikTok (@h.mccc), the mum-of-two begins by highlighting the importance of opening your windows every single day.

"This is just like basically brushing your teeth in the morning," she says.

According to Heidi, you want to leave them open for as long as possible.

"I leave them open from morning until afternoon or until I go out," she says.



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And if you face a constant daily battle of trying to mask the smell of last night's dinner, then you're in luck…because Heidi has shared her top 99p cleaning trick to make your house smell fresh all day long.

And there are no pricey diffusers or candles needed…


"Little life hack – if you spray some Febreeze onto your curtains and leave the window open you're going to get this continuous freshness coming straight through the room," she expalins.

Heidi goes on to say how social media users have rushed to the comments section on her previous posts and noted how people should already be doing this, but she points out that not everyone has the same upbringing.

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Heidi goes on to explain: "Every day I make time to wipe up the sides and make sure there's no water rings, every day I hoover up, every day I open my windows."

The post has since gone viral, racking up a whopping 123k views and several comments, with many quick to commend Heidi of her very helpful guide.

"I wasn't ever taught how to keep a home clean and it gets overwhelming when you don't know where to start," wrote one.

Heidi replied: "Yeah that's the worst part, little and often will help."

A second penned: "I wasn't taught, so I love these vids, thank you!"

A third commented: "Your home is beautiful and immaculate. Totally agree that windows need opening every day whatever the weather."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "OK the Febreeze on the curtains is actually an amazing hack!! I will be using this!!"

A further added: "I used to Febreeze my curtains!"

And one more pointed out: "Opening the windows daily is a game changer!"

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