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Once you've made the big decision to get a dog, there are a whole host of other factors you need to consider – including the best breed to fit into your lifestyle.

But according to dog trainer Will Atherton, there are four breeds everyone should avoid if they have an active lifestyle.

He explained that for him, this is a breed that will thrive with the owner's engagement and will want to be with them all the time.

"We often call these velcro dogs – they have incredibly high energy levels and have lots of exercise and love to work – that's a recipe for disaster for those who live busy lifestyles," he says, in a clip shared to TikTok (@iamwillatherton).

First up, he explains that he most commonly sees people make this mistake with the Border Collie.

"They think because it's so intelligent and easy to train that it might be a good fit where actually they will quickly ruin your life," he says.


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Next up, Will says the same can be said for both the working line German Shepherds and the Belgian Malinois.

"Ludicrously high levels of potential but you better be ready, willing and able to put the time in to get them there," he notes.


Moving on, he goes on to discuss working line Labradors.

"It's no secret that I think they're some of the best dog breeds in the world but if you lead a busy lifestyle, go for a lower energy show line Labrador rather than high drive working lines," he advises.

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The post has since gone viral, garnering a whopping 100k views and hundreds of comments – with very mixed opinions.

"Immediately thought of Malis lol," wrote one.

A second penned: "Cockerpoo with working lines should be on there, ours wants to work, so I'm training him to work!"

A third commented: "As an owner of a working line GSD, I agree."

Meanwhile, a fourth noted: "I thought yo was going to say Spaniels."

Fabulous previously told how the dog expert shared an urgent warning to look out for the most dangerous dog breed in the world. 

Canine behaviourist Will claimed there are two breeds that top the list of most violent and aggressive dogs which, if owned, could be a disaster.

According to Will, the breeds that fit the bill most are livestock guardians – these are the dogs who work on the land and protect cattle and other animals from hungry predators.

So, what breeds are they?

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Will explained: “Breeds like the Turkish Kangal or Caucasian Shepherd are bred to work on their own, fight incredibly dangerous predators to the death if required, and don’t like people making decisions for them.

“Although they’re not very common dog breeds, when people do have them and it goes wrong, it usually goes terribly wrong.”

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