I was climbing rocks in my bikini when things got tangled and threatened my modesty, all I wanted was a cute photo | The Sun

A BIKINI fan experienced maximum embarrassment when her swimwear got tangled.

She was climbing rocks when the two-piece encountered some opposition.

The immensely awkward situation seriously threatened her modesty.

It was the last thing Valentina (@valentina.antz) expected when she set out for her cute photo shoot.

She was little prepared for what was about to unfold.

This lady, however, handled it all with a cool head and escaped humiliation.

In her post, she adopted a classic pose while bathing in the Mediterranean.

She wore a bright yellow, shoestring, skimpy bikini, that tied at the hip.

This detail nearly became her undoing. The photo session continued with her scooping water in her hands and tipping over her head.

She then moved towards the rocks, almost gliding. It all looked so good this far.

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Then she deftly emerged from the sea and started to climb up the rocks bare foot.

This adventure was about to turn into a misadventure.

So far she hadn't put one foot wrong. But disaster struck when she made a move to get back into the water.

Her bikini suddenly became snagged on the rock and this baby wasn’t budging, for hell or high water.

No matter how hard she tugged and pulled, it remained attached to the rocks.

Valentina could not give up and her efforts intensified, and with one final and valiant pull, it came away.

But her struggles did not end there. Her tugging had somehow managed to undo the knot altogether, leaving her modesty seriously compromised.

“The rock wanted my bikini," she said smiling, seeing the funny side of things.

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