I was a teen mum on benefits – after launching my own business with £143, I now bring home a 7-figure salary | The Sun

A FORMER teen mum on benefits has opened up about her rise to the top and how she now brings home a seven figure salary.

When Isabel Sanchez fell pregnant aged 19, she “needed government assistance” to support her and her soon to be newborn. 

But she knew she wanted bigger and better things and took action. 

Now aged 28, Isabel has successfully built her own business empire as a digital creator and product seller, having earned her first million dollars by the age of just 25. 

Revealing more about her journey to the top and how she got the idea to take a leap of faith and go it alone and form her own business, Isabel has recalled going from zero to hero. 

She explained that after she welcomed her son, alongside studying as a nurse and waitressing, she failed to make ends meet.

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American Isabel said: “In 2018, I was a 23 year old single mum aspiring for a better future. I had just graduated nursing school and was $70k (£55k) in student loan debt.

“In the corporate world, I was doing everything ‘right’. I was working long hours as a waitress while I went to college to finish my degree.”

And there was even more sacrifice along the way, as she continued: “This meant missing a lot of time away from my son. As a mum, I was doing everything I could to provide for him, but nothing seemed like enough.”

But then came Isabel’s lightbulb moment – and the time she knew she was destined for something more.

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Isabel, who shared her story on her Instagram account, revealed she was scrolling on the social media platform when she spotted a work from home opportunity “where she could share beauty and wellness products and earn an income from anywhere in the world.”

But she knew it wouldn’t be easy, as she only had 300 followers and “social media was a big step” out of her “comfort zone.”

Deciding to take the plunge anyway, a then 24-year-old Isabel cobbled together the last £143 in her bank account to buy some products she could share with her online community.

But it was a risk that ultimately paid off – and then some, as her profile grew and grew and she ended up having returning customers and referrals buying products from her. 

Isabel said: “At 25, I made my first million dollars online. At 27 I had taken over 100 flights to different destinations.”

In 2018, I was a 23 year old single mum aspiring for a better future

The influencer also said she’d travelled to countless “bucket list places” and never looked back from those tough initial moments, crediting the business with changing her life. 

What’s more, she revealed she takes home a seven-figure salary and is now totally debt free, as a result. 

And she’s not stopping there, as Isabel is now teaching her tricks of the trade to other like-minded people who want to follow in her footsteps.

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She concluded: “Today, I have five years of experience and I get to teach others how to do it.”

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