I turned my drab caravan into a multicoloured holiday home & saved hundreds by using sticky back plastic

A MUM has revealed how she turned her "drab" caravan into a multicoloured holiday home – using sticky back plastic.

Showing off their caravan, mother and daughter duo Jules and Hannah revealed how they swapped retro red sofas and grey carpets for lino lookalike flooring, polka dot walls and rainbow checked kitchen surfaces.

The whole job cost just £500, saving hundreds on a full renovation, and was done exclusively using vinyl from Get Kooky.

The new-and-improved caravan, which is nicknamed Dotty, is used by the pair to staycation in places like Dorset.

They normally live in Bognor Regis and have a multicoloured pad @colourpopathome – so wanted to add some rainbow hues to the "drab" caravan.

Mum Jules said: "I love the beautiful vinyl… it's an absolutely amazing product!!!"

She added: "Not finished yet. Still need to do the caravan door – it is going to be super fiddly but should be fine! Definitely worth doing. It looks amazing – I just hope these pics do it justice!!"

Commenting on the finished look, her followers said: "omg this is so cute", "love the pink strip lights", "gorgeous" and "wow!!"

Prices start at £3.50 for the vinyl, which can be used as flooring, on walls or for kitchen counter renovations.

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