Dad reveals genius £1.50 gadget that helps fill your paddling pool WITHOUT needing buckets of warm water

WHEN the weather warms up, Brits drag out their inflatable paddling pools to try enjoy the sun, but it’s a hassle trying to fill it with warm water. 

We’ve all tried the kettle trick to fill a pool which takes an eternity, but the alternative is freezing water out of the outdoor hose. 

But one dad is in shock after realising you can attach a hose pipe to your kitchen tap – meaning instant warm water in your pool. 

He shared a clip on TikTok, entitled: “How have I only just found out these exist?”

It shows him easily removing part of his kitchen tap, and screwing a hose pipe attachment to it. 

He then effortlessly connects a hose pipe to it, giving him a warm pool in no time. 

The nifty gadget can be bought from Tool station for a mere £1.48 – and it will save your hours. 

His tip has since gone viral after being uploaded to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, where it’s racked up more than 1,000 comments. 

People are in shock over the revelation, calling it a ‘game changer’ for summer. 

  • Brass Internal Adaptor, Tool Station, £1.48 – buy now

One person said: “No more cold pool.” 

Another wrote: “Please tell me our tap does this!” 

A third claimed: “This would save so much time and effort!!!”

Someone else commented: “No way, I’m testing this next time need to fill the pool up.” 

While this person called it a “life changer!!”, while another added: “mind blown”.

And somebody else wrote: "It only bloody works doesn’t it. That day when we used all sorts to fill the paddling pool."


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