Charles & Camilla’s ‘secret’ relationship away from royal life is ‘fun, naughty & spontaneous’, says body language guru

TODAY is Prince Charles and Camilla’s 15th wedding anniversary and the couple looked more loved up than ever in a special photo released to celebrate the date. 

According to body language expert Judi James, the royal pair have a “fun, naughty and spontaneous” relationship, judging by the playful shot. 

The commemorative image shows them beaming together as they each hold one of their beloved dogs. 

Judi told Fabulous: “This pose probably reveals more about the secret of Charles and Camilla’s marriage and enduring relationship than some of their royal appearances ever could. 

“Casually dressed and clutching their dogs, the pair’s body language resembles that of two giggly, naughty children rather than two high-ranking royals. 

“Camilla leans in towards her husband in a subtle PDA and she looks far more relaxed than him, holding her dog casually while Charles appears to be clutching his awkwardly, like a guitar.

“But the key message from the pose is that it is Camilla who allows Charles to lead an informal, unstuffy and fun life away from his royal role.”

Judi said Prince Charles appears to be “chuckling in delight” and the expression is “miles away” from this normal look of “concerned anxiety.”

She added: “Although it’s Camilla injecting the spontaneity into this pose it is clearly getting the best result from Charles, showing how in-tune she is with her husband and how much behind the scenes comfort and support she must provide for him.”

When the Prince of Wales married Camilla Parker-Bowles, they were a couple in their fifties who had both been through divorce.

The pair tied the knot in a civil ceremony at Windsor Guildhall, on 9 April 2005, and The Sun’s royal photographer Arthur Edwards has said he has witnessed first-hand how they are meant for each other.

He said: “From the start it was obvious Camilla made the prince incredibly happy.

“They were always laughing and clearly enjoyed each other’s company.

“Camilla and Charles are so in tune and their sense of humour is incredible.”

The Duchess of Cornwall, 72, has just come out of self-isolation after Prince Charles, 71, had the virus.

This week, Camilla has joined the 750,000-strong army of “National Help Service” volunteers supporting the nation’s most vulnerable.

She began her work calling vulnerable elderly people on the phone and had a “check in and chat” with self-isolating 85-year-old Doris Winfield.

She said: “Having a chat with the Duchess of Cornwall meant the world to me. I’ve been incredibly lonely over the last couple of weeks and it was wonderful to talk to her.

“We talked about life in isolation and shared hobbies, she was very interested in my family and how I was coping without them. It’s really cheered me up!”

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