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FINDING the right size bra is a task every woman struggles with, but if you have a larger bust, it can be a complete minefield trying to navigate the right size and shape. 

Kimmay, also known as @hurraykimmay on TikTok is an expert bra fitter on a mission to “teach self-care with underwear”.

In a recent video, she replied to someone asking for her help to find the perfect bra. 

The comment to Kimmay read: “Hi, I’m a young teen with saggy tatas, do you have any suggestions for a good bra? I also have larger tatas.” 

Kimmay dedicated a whole video to this comment and revealed what to look for in a bra if you have a saggy, but fuller bust. 

She said: “If you have saggy and a fuller cup like this person, I’m here for you. 


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“My name is Kimmay, from Hurray Kimmay, and I’m an undergarment educator since 2005. 

“Number one, please note that sagging [breasts] is normal. Your bust is just attached to your body with ligaments and skin. 

“Naturally, they’re going to start to fall down, especially if they’re fuller and even if you’re younger. So please know this is a natural part of having a body,” the expert explained. 

“That said, there are lots of great bra options that you can wear to lift them up and create the shape that you like. 

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“The number one key is to wear a bra that fits well – always, always, always,” Kimmay remarked. 

“Bras are like shoes, if you wear the wrong size, they won’t be supportive and they will not feel good. 

“Then, let’s talk about style. If you have very soft breast tissue, then a bra with a little bit of flexibility would be really great for you. 

“This could be a stretch lace bra, but it could also be something moulded so that when you lay it down it keeps its shape. A contour cup will shape your bust to the shape of your bra. 

“I highly suggest a bra that’s fuller coverage, if you really want a full, round shape, and also a bra that has seams in it can really act like almost support beams on a bridge, to keep everything up and lifted,” she continued. 

“So, a full coverage or balcony-style bra that has the support beams will be really awesome. 

“The balcony bra will have less coverage across, the full coverage will come all the way up and cover everything.” 

Kimmay concluded: “In the end, the coverage is up to you but either way your bra has to fit well in order to feel good.” 

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