5 smart style resolutions that we’re taking up in the new year

Written by Precious Adesina

Exceptionally stylish women on their fashion goals for the year ahead. 

Whether you’re a firm believer in resolutions or not, it is safe to say the pandemic has helped to focus our minds on what a new year can bring. 

For some, January comes with dreams of a fresh start and hope that the next 12 months won’t have us trapped in our homes hiding from Covid for the umpteeth time. 

In such uncertain times, one way to remain positive is to set some simple new goals that will give each day added purpose, and for those in the fashion world, that means rethinking your personal style. We spoke to trendsetters about their intentions for the year to come, here’s what they said. 

Nassia Matsa, model and writer

“I’ve always been a minimalist, following the simple rule of wearing all-black for winter and all-white for summer. But I see fashion as a response to the sociopolitical status quo, and at the moment, I need a bit of optimism to carry on (don’t we all?), so this year I see myself playing with colours. Last year it was all about brown and wine red, so this year I’ll be wearing vivid colours: orange, neon green, bright red and electric blue.

I’m also usually someone who puts together their outfit the night before, but I’ve realised that the fact it’s difficult to plan anything right now is starting to be reflected in the way that I dress. Instead of mapping out my entire outfit, I’ve been building it around a colourful piece that I want to try. It’s OK to make mistakes when experimenting as sometimes you come up with better results than you originally anticipated.”


Eshita Kabra-Davies, founder of By Rotation

“This year I plan to dress more comfortably, while still wearing flattering silhouettes to achieve an ‘effortlessly sophisticated’ look. My latest obsession is wearing negligees and kimonos as slip dresses, paired with heeled boots and a chic coat. 

I’m especially in love with this mother-daughter independent brand Bocan Couture. These dresses are very multi-purpose and will take me from winter to summer and casual to party very easily. 

If I’m in the mood to add something loud or playful to these outfits, I’ll rent items like the Prada crystallised bag or the Lirika Matoshi Strawberry dress off the By Rotation app.”

By Rotation

Ayesha Marr, model and production manager

“Counting down into the new year makes me reflective. What will my style identity be? Moreover, what kind of energy do I want to put out there?

With us being bound to our homes for longer than the average talking stage, every time I step out of the house I want to have the energy to show out. I’ve been in tracksuits for over two years. I want to be cute now. So, for this year, I wanted to make my wardrobe more feminine, wearing fabric that hugs and sexy silhouettes. Basically stepping out of my comfort zone, listening to no rules – clashing prints, bold colours or the amount of skin showing. 

“I also plan to use more rental websites such as Onloan, ByRotation and Hurr for special occasions. For purchases: thrifting, vintage, shopping second-hand and supporting small businesses, as it’s important to be conscious. Statement pieces that are simple that will be loved over and over again. It’s also nice not to break the bank!” 

Flora Macdonald Johnston, fashion director at Koibird

“If the pandemic did one thing it was to strip me of my sartorial chameleon identity. Once proudly someone who would change outfits and looks multiple times a day, I became one of ‘them’. Those that wear gym wear constantly and throw on a turtleneck and gold earrings for video calls. 

So, for 2022, I want to make more of an effort – albeit with a twist. I’m going to dress properly each day and fall back in love with my wardrobe; each item I have must be used. That Prada corset I bought on eBay but have worn only once? I’ll throw it over an oversized white shirt and wide-leg jeans and off to the office I trot. After all, why not?”

Anita Lo, founder of Clara’s Box

Anita Lo of Clara’s Box

“As someone who handles clothes that can be hundreds of years old, I have learned a lot about mending and taking care of these pieces. I would love to start making clothes and accessories from vintage textiles. Although time-intensive, it would be so satisfying to make my own products from scratch and create unique pieces.”


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